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I'm so happy with how things turned out Lucy, you can't believe how happy I am. Because we demonstrated that we're a united fandom and that we can do great things together.

I'll never forget this experience, this thing we did. It was a joint work and that's the most important thing. You'll all be in my heart always and I hope that this video gets to be seen and appreciated by the cast and crew. I hope they see it in five years and look back at all the wonderful things they created.

Big hugs Lucy and let's all keep this sweet memories forever!


I just wanted to congratulate everyone who was part of this amazing project, I'm really proud to have been a part of it. Especial congratulations to Hols and Marie for the incredible video, it was simply perfect :)

Hey, there aren´t left anymore episodes but you can take part in the last phase of #HouseUnited project!!!

Re: Episodes availability by Petra95 Petra95 , 27 May 2012 13:08

Hi, i would like to volunteer in #HouseUnited iniciative but all episodes has been already taken, can i add my name to any episode already taken? or is there another

Thanks and regards.

@drhouseholic drhouseforever

Episodes availability by drhouseforeverdrhouseforever, 24 May 2012 04:05
Re: Welcome!
Juju13Juju13 08 May 2012 23:32
in discussion Season discussion / Season 8 » Welcome!

Hey Scarlett!
Nice to meet you :)
I just watched my episode, 19 (I know!). I'm done with about 90% of it, just have 7 things to watch the episode again and remember. Are we supposed to just tally how many times things happened? Because I just indicated number wise and if I thought explanation needed, I briefly in a word or two expanded.


Re: Welcome! by Juju13Juju13, 08 May 2012 23:32

Hi Vicki, I finally finished mine last night, hurray, and I hope everyone else is close to finishing now. Just thought I'd mention I did a full analysis of my episode with screencaps at my journal, and I wanted to- well share really. ;) I hope that's okay! (apparently I can't embed links as a low level user, so it's vicodin-martini [dot] livejournal [dot] com [forward slash] 133274)

Good luck to everyone else who is still working on theirs! :)

Lauren. x

Re: Hey everyone! by vicodin-martinivicodin-martini, 30 Apr 2012 06:27

Any way you can convince your "bosses" to include House saying the word "interesting" (along with "cool", which is already on the analysis grid/glossery)? He says "interesting" many more times than "cool." I noticed it on another tribute video and the word comes up in the episode I am analyzing ("Changes")

Anne (aka @clioprof3)

Hi! My name is Ana, you could find me in twitter as @RedTulip_Ana , and I don´t know why but the two bosses trust me guiding you in the Season 7! ;-)

Well, it´s time to start! You have to analyze your episode as soon as possible!

Download the questionary here: And use it to take note of all what you see in the episode that is also in the glossary. If you have any question ask me!

C´mon team! Season 7 is running here! ;-)


Hi Paul!
About the clinic patient on your episode, I talked with Marie and yes, you must consider "only the main patient who is being examined".
About the waiscoat yes, it's the grey dress she is wearing in the pic you sent me on Twitter ;)

In control the clinic patient was the boy but House took in upon himself to find out what caused the boys father to loose his voice. So would both the boy and his father be considered clinic patients? Also you want to know if Cameron is wearing a waistcoat. What is a waistcoat?

very good idea to post it here!! Thanks Vicki!! xooxox

Hey again everyone!

Marie (@HouseTrivia) has created a great tutorial to help us analyze our episodes. The link is noted below.

Again, please feel free to contact me on Twitter (@valberts1963) or email (moc.oohay|3691streblav#moc.oohay|3691streblav) for any questions.

Thanks again!

Hey everyone! I am Vicki, the season leader for season 3. I want to thank everyone for their help in making this project a reality.

I hope everyone is on the way to analyzing their episode. We have set a deadline of May 1st so that Marie and Hols can get the video going while waiting for the final episodes.

I will be contacting everyone in the next few days to make sure everything is going well so far. I don't want to be a pest but I want to be able to answer any questions or troubleshoot any problems there might be.

Please feel free to contact me on Twitter @valberts1963 or email moc.oohay|3691streblav#moc.oohay|3691streblav

Thanks again!


Hey everyone! by Vicki AlbertsVicki Alberts, 25 Mar 2012 03:13
Volta1228Volta1228 18 Mar 2012 22:17
in discussion Season discussion / Season 8 » Welcome!

Hello and welcome to all of you who have chosen to analyze an episode of season 8, the final chapter to this amazing series!

My name is Scarlett and I'm your season leader. If you have any questions, or need assistance with anything don't hesitate to post your questions/comments here or tweet me. My twitter name is @Volta1228 .

Since season 8 is still currently airing, you may not yet be able to analyze your episode. However, if your episode has aired… it's time to start your analysis!

To start analyzing your episode download the Analysis Grid .DOC file or PDF file. The links are available on the HouseUnited homepage. Watch your ep as many times as needed to make sure you've tallied up everything pertinent to your episode… there is a lot to tackle!

Happy watching, all!


Welcome! by Volta1228Volta1228, 18 Mar 2012 22:17
Welcome !
LapizSilkwoodLapizSilkwood 18 Mar 2012 20:23
in discussion Season discussion / Season 6 » Welcome !

Hello everyone !

I just wanted to post a new thread to present myself briefly : I'm Noémie, I'm French and I'll be the Season 6 leader for the House United project :)

Each of you have an episode from S6 to analyze and you can start already. Help you with the analysis grid & try not to forget anything :)
Then enter every information you found on the glossary here.

If you have any questions about the project, how the site works or anything really, just ask me either via twitter ( @LapizSilkwood) or here on this thread :)

Have fun analyzing your episode and vive House :)

P.S: don't forget that you can be part of the part 2 of the project: Greg House's head :)

Welcome ! by LapizSilkwoodLapizSilkwood, 18 Mar 2012 20:23

Thank you for telling me about the duplicated paddles page!! I decided to use the one that says Using the paddles!

About the nod, hmm, that would be nice, but it's also a bit hard to spot. I decided to close the Glossary list today because we already have to pay attention to a lot of things. But THANK YOU so much for all the help.


Hi Anna. I decided to stop adding topics. I think it's better to leave it like that or else it will become too overwhelming. Thank you for your suggestions anyway.

- Hey, btw, I saw the link you provided to the House cane website. I decided to remove that page, because all the info is there. Let's see if we can ask for permission to use that info they gathered.


you're absolutely right Cri. Park, Adams and Masters fit in all the topics where we mention the team! Thank you.

And as for your other question: YES, there's a topic that says dead patients.

Big hugs

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