House playing the piano

Episodes where he played the piano at home, at work, at a bar…

House plays the piano at Home '' skin deep'' 2x13

Games x 1 (20'06 @ the big lecture room)

Damned if you do - 1x at home

1.06 The Socratic Method - 35:09mins in House plays before playing "Happy Birthday" to himself

1 X All In: House plays the piano at the PPTH lobby in 41:22

2x13 -Skin Deep (41:44)- House plays at home after Cuddy tells him she's been giving H placebo shots

1 x "Role Model" - House plays the piano at home, shortly before a visit from Cameron (38:50)

4x13 No More Mr. Nice Guy - 16:55 House plays the piano waiting for Wilson to arrive

6x15 (Black Hole) 39:21 House playing the piano/organ that Wilson buy

5x21 "Saviors" x1 He plays at the end of the episode before he sees dead Amber for the first time

5.15 Unfaithful - (41:20) House starts playing Cuddy's serenade then we see him at the piano starting at 41:58.

6x01 and 02 “Broken”: X1 20:40, he plays four notes
X2 he plays a short tune for Lydia (sounds like a music box sound)

2X19- House VS. God- X1- House plays the piano in his house. (23:51-24:37)

3x15- "Half Wit"- LOTS of piano playing! Plays in patient's room several times (I Don't Like Mondays and his own composition)

8x21 "Holding on" x1 37:07

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