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To know more about the HouseUnited project, click here.

LaShao's idea for May 21st, the series finale

WE'RE CHANGING OUR ICONS ON MONDAY, MAY 21ST in honor of the last episode of [H]ouse. Thanks to LaShao for this original idea. If you want to join us, simply download any of the following 4 images. If you want to keep the icon after May 21st, that's fine :)

Click on the link to download them Season Finale icons

- March 24th: SEASON LEADERS
In order to have a closer contact with HouseUnited, in case you have any further questions or doubts about how the page, or the collecting of data works, you can contact the season leaders, who will also communicate with you whenever there are news about things we wil do. The season leaders are:

  • Season 1 is run by Cristina. Twitter: huddyitaly
  • Season 2 is run by Anna. Twitter: u2kingdom
  • Season 3 is run by Vicki. Twitter: valberts1963
  • Season 4 is run by Tammy. Twitter: tammy757
  • Season 5 is run by Melanie. Twitter: mamarsh18
  • Season 6 is run by Noémie. Twitter: LapizSilkwood
  • Season 7 is run by Ana. Twitter: Redtulip_Ana
  • Season 8 is run by Scarlett. Twitter: volta1228

Simply write them in case you need any information.

March 20th For those people who are hesitant about joining House's Head, DON'T WORRY! We'll explain things slowly. For now, we just need you to sign up and JOIN US!

- March 20th You can start analyzing your episode with the help of the analysis grid. It's a .doc document that you can find in English and Spanish: We have created an ANALYSIS GRID, that you can download and use while you analyse the episode.
CLICK HERE or HERE to download the grid IN ENGLISH
CLICK HERE to download the grid EN ESPAÑOL

- March 17th We haven't set a final deadline for the complete analysis of the episodes, because we have to wait for the final episode to be aired on May 21st. As you can see, there's still plenty of time, but please start working on it, start looking for all the details.

- March 9th Just in case any of the cast and crew ever come here, THANK YOU SO MUCH for retweeting the project to all your followers. We couldn't have reached the amount of people if it weren't for all of you: Jesse Spencer, Odette Anable, Kath Lingenfelter, Barbara Barnett, and all those who have been so kind to spread the word on HouseUnited. You rock!

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