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Alcoholic drinks (House, Wilson, the team) @valberts1963 *
SENTENCE: The team and House drank alcohol 82 times in eight seasons. House alone drank alcohol 59 times

N - SENTENCE: Around 24 animals made appearances in 8 years, including termites, dead pigs and a diabetic cat!

Asshole, jerk, son of a bitch, shut up
N - SENTENCE: House was called an ass =16 times
a jerk = 12 times
a son of a bitch = 5 times
…and he was told to shut up 10 times. Idiot and moron were also among the insults aimed at House.


Bets Melo @MeloLev
SENTENCE: The team and House were involved in 42 bets

Blackmailing or bribing
**N* - SENTENCE: House either bribed or blackmailed patients, team members and Cuddy 39 times.

Boring case
SENTENCE: House considered that a diagnosis was boring 14 times in 8 seasons. @dora201077

Broken PPTH glasses
N - SENTENCE: Only three major glasses from the PPTH rooms, facilities, were broken


Calling each other by their first name
N - SENTENCE: The team, House, Cuddy and Wilson called each other by their first name 35 times.

Cameron and Chase having sex MERGED WITH Cuddy and House having sex @anamiii(*)
SENTENCE: House and Cuddy had sex four times, and were beaten by Cameron and Chase, who had sex 5 times

Cameron mentioning her dead husband
N - SENTENCE: Cameron mentioned her dead husband or his sperm 12 times.

Cameron wearing a waistcoat Lucy Ambriz (*)
SENTENCE: Cameron wore a waistcoat in 35 episodes

Chase's mistakes
N - SENTENCE: Chase was the most prone to mistakes. He made 5.

Cigarettes, cigars @susi72
SENTENCE: House smoked a total of 4 cigars and 5 cigarettes in 8 years.

Clinic patients @KeldoraDragon (*)
SENTENCE: House saw 91 clinic patients in around 62 episodes.

Cool (by House) Bmax67 (ten.tsacmoc|76xamb#ten.tsacmoc|76xamb)
SENTENCE: House said ‘cool’ 29 times, mostly to reactions or weird conditions.


Dancers @Miiimiii18 *
SENTENCE: House, the team, Wilson and Cuddy danced 15 times

Dead patients @marielicious _ *
SENTENCE: A total of 21 of House’s patients died after or before they were correctly diagnosed.

Doctors' Lounge
N - SENTENCE: Either playing foosball, stealing food or running a diagnosis, we saw the Doctor’s Lounge around 33 times.


Epiphanies reached by House and the team @Hols14HL
SENTENCE: We counted 133 epiphanies including Wilson’s, Cuddy’s, Taub’s…

Everybody lies @andy_lewis88
SENTENCE: 'Everybody lies' was said: 33 times in 8 years

Extracurricular activities
N - SENTENCE: As for activities outside work, there were 97 roadtrips, dates at restaurants, turtle races, bowling…


Frequently mentioned diseases
N - SENTENCE: House wouldn’t be House without the words
Amyloidosis: mentioned 15 times
Sarcoidosis: mentioned 35 times
Lupus: mentioned 27 times
Wegener’s: mentioned 17 times
…and Paraneoplastic syndrome: mentioned 18 times


N - SENTENCE: Reading glasses were used 59 times. Sunglasses were used 12 times.


House and a lollipop @XTINisLOWLAH *
SENTENCE: House ate 11 lollipops in 8 years.

House and ball-y @just_lobe *
SENTENCE: House and the team played, juggled, or threw ball-y 40 times in 8 seasons.

House *AND* his cane
N - SENTENCE: House used his cane to play with it, as a weapon or as an extension of his arm 118 times in 77 episodes.

House and toys katieL @katiepopsx (*)
SENTENCE: House played with different kinds of toys 72 times.

House 'borrowing' money
N - SENTENCE: House either had his food paid by someone in the team or ‘borrowed’ money 19 times.

House checking Cuddy's butt MERGED WITH House grabs Cuddy's ass - Sarah (@Cosette_Yo) (*)
SENTENCE: House checked out Cuddy’s butt around 14 times and grabbed it thrice!

House hiding
N - SENTENCE: House hid in the morgue, a coma patient’s room or the clinic 24 times

House hurts himself Ema W (@Ema07)
(*) SENTENCE: House hurt himself 20 times in 8 seasons. The most memorable one: cutting his leg open.

House making fun of Cuddy JFE59 twitter or moc.loa|95EFJ#moc.loa|95EFJ
SENTENCE: House made snarky and funny remarks to Cuddy 75 times in 47 episodes

House playing the guitar
N - SENTENCE: House played the guitar 9 times in 8 years.

House playing the piano (*) (*) (*) - Marie (@HouseTrivia)
SENTENCE: House played the piano 18 times, and not once in Season 7.

House sedates someone
N - SENTENCE: House sedated a total of 8 people in 8 years, including Cuddy’s mom. Wilson was sedated 5 times.

House's insults @LibraMum
SENTENCE: Gregory House uttered around 223 insults in the 8 seasons of the show

House stealing
N - SENTENCE: House stole 51 things, including stuffed animals, experimental drugs and of course, food!

House throwing an object at someone
N - SENTENCE: House threw charts, his cane, ball-y, and other things 34 times in these 8 years.

House visits Wilson's office @dissonata
SENTENCE: House made 89 visits to Wilson’s office in 59 episodes.

House watching a surgery
N - SENTENCE: House watched 34 surgeries either inside or outside the OR

House wearing a labcoat @hugheras_intl
** SENTENCE: House only wore a labcoat 9 times in eight years.

House wearing a tie @LUSIN_E
**SENTENCE: House wore 18 ties…and one bowtie

Hudson scenes
N - SENTENCE: There were 14 Hudson scenes (House, Cuddy, Wilson) in 9 episodes


Idiot @housefan123
SENTENCE: House said the word ‘idiot’ 115 times.

Instant diagnosis
N - SENTENCE: House made 37 instant diagnoses about the patients, whether they were right or wrong.

Intubating a patient
N - SENTENCE: 27 patients were intubated by either House or the team in these 8 seasons

(*)It's Tuesday. I like you @sk8euzenherb
SENTENCE: Chase said “It’s Tuesday. I like you” to Cameron four times.


N - SENTENCE: Six employees from PPTH were in prison or arrested


(*)Kisses and Hugs - @Raquel__09 (*)
SENTENCE: There were 132 kisses and hugs throughout the 8 years of House

Kutner's nerdiness
N - SENTENCE: We caught a glimpse of Kutner's nerdiness 12 times, like when he talked about Star Wars.


Leg rubbing Bmax67 (ten.tsacmoc|76xamb#ten.tsacmoc|76xamb)
SENTENCE: House rubbed his leg 75 times in a total of 32 episodes.

(*)Liver, kidneys are failing @cnitty
SENTENCE: A total of 27 kidneys and 37 livers failed.

The leather jacket
N - SENTENCE: We saw House wearing his leather jacket 36 times.


(*) Medical reputation @alannabarrett
SENTENCE: House’s medical reputation is mentioned and recognized in 34 episodes.

(*) Metaphors @aluminanyx
SENTENCE: Around 143 metaphors were used by House and the team

Monster Trucks!
N - SENTENCE: We saw or heard of monster trucks 17 times.

N - SENTENCE: We saw House arriving/parking/leaving on his motorcycle 19 times

(*) My leg hurts (I'm in pain, etc) @everybody__lies
SENTENCE: House said 'my leg hurts', 'I'm in pain' around 41 times


Near death experiences grgeghousebr / facebook: jglima1981 / twitter: @jglima_
N - SENTENCE: House, the team, Wilson and Cuddy had a total of 15 near-death experiences.


Other languages
N - SENTENCE: We heard Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, Mong, French, Hebrew, Ucranian, Latin, and Greek in about 26 episodes.


People don't change
N - SENTENCE: Phrases like ‘people don’t change’, ‘I’ve changed’, ‘nothing’s changed’ were said 27 times.

Patient of the Week: Woman, Man or Child? @RedTulip_Ana (*)
SENTENCE: House's Department of Diagnostic Medicine treated 51 women, 90 men and
50 children and teenagers.

Pranks @HughLaurieFAN1
(*)SENTENCE: House, the team, Cuddy and Wilson played a total of 80 pranks on each other

N - SENTENCE: There were 27 prostitutes walking around PPTH or at House’s apartment.

Punches, kicks, slaps, faints @kellywearsprada
SENTENCE: House was punched, kicked, and slapped 22 times. He fainted 6 times.


The red mug @IrisNak
SENTENCE: House (and sometimes the team members) used the red mug 87 times in 63 episodes.


N - SENTENCE: The team + House + Wilson + Cuddy wore scrubs about 104 times

Search the patient's house @FauxBitterHuddy (*)
SENTENCE: The team went to search patients’ houses 97 times. House went to 8 of them.

Singers @95nemhaim
SENTENCE: La la la! The team, House, and some patients sang a total of 18 times.

Surgery Interrupted
N - SENTENCE: A total of 24 surgeries were interrupted.


Taub's affairs and flirting
N - SENTENCE: Taub’s philandering, cheating was mentioned/seen 22 times.

Team and House down the halls
N SENTENCE: Diagnosing while walking down the PPTH hallways: 116 times in 70 episodes.

Team says "I love You" rh.ten|evolselddih#rh.ten|evolselddih
SENTENCE: ‘I love you’ was said by House, the team, Cuddy and Wilson a total of 21 times.

Team's relatives
N - SENTENCE: We were introduced to 26 relatives: Chase’s dad, Foreman’s, House’s, and Kutner’s parents, Lucas, Marcus…

(*)Tears cloudy_line
SENTENCE: There were about 64 moments where they cried (or almost cried)

Thank you Doctor House (@polkadotwings)*
N - SENTENCE: In total, patients said ‘thank you’ to Dr. House 33 times.

That's unethical
N - SENTENCE: The word unethical was mentioned 15 times in 8 years.

The tongue thing he does @Estelle2327
SENTENCE: Oh, House's tongue thing: 82 times

Thirteen and Huntington's
N - SENTENCE: Thirteen and her issues with Huntington were mentioned/seen 47 times.

Thirteen's suspenders
N - SENTENCE: Thirteen wore her famous suspenders in 12 episodes.


Using the elevator
N - SENTENCE: The elevator was used at least 140 times in 82 episodes.

Using the paddles
N - SENTENCE: The team used the paddles to save 35 patients (one of them was House)

Using the whiteboard. @valberts1963 *
SENTENCE: The whiteboard was used in at least 74 episodes.


Vicodin pills @kazzie89
SENTENCE: As for Vicodin, House took pills around 161 times in 95 episodes.

Virtual diagnosis (computer animation of human body) @AnnCarters (*)
SENTENCE: You explained diseases, showed broken bones and organ failures through CGI 63 times.


Watching his favorite soap opera @foreverhuddyfan *
SENTENCE: We saw House watching his favorite soap opera 14 times.


You Can't Always Get What You Want 1mimi (moc.liamtoh|gpctoggzb#moc.liamtoh|gpctoggzb)
SENTENCE: We heard the phrase ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ 6 times.

You Hungry?/ Wanna eat dinner?
N - SENTENCE: House and Wilson invited each other for dinner, breakfast or lunch in 12 episodes.

You're crazy (insane, out of your mind...) @Belenus92_13
SENTENCE: House is called ‘crazy’, ‘insane’ or a ‘lunatic’ 32 times these 8 years.

You're deflecting / don't deflect
N - SENTENCE: We heard “don’t deflect” and similar sentences around 12 times.

You're right, you're wrong @yjk_de
SENTENCE: ‘You’re right’, ‘You’re wrong’ and similar sentences were uttered around 195 times!

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